Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coming up for air

Once upon a time, I was an individual with a direction in life.  I was going somewhere, going to do something of value in my life.  Then that 'thing of value' became raising my children.  (yes, this is a very important thing to be doing, but...)  Ten years have passed with too little sleep to think very clearly, and with the most important things of every day being those very basic needs. 

Has everyone been fed?  Do I have enough food in the house to make dinner?  Are there clean clothes?  Are the clothes put away where they can be found and worn?  Is the house clean enough that it won't make anyone sick from the dust that accumulates?

Now my youngest is three (the little girl is mine.  she's next to her cousin), and I'm beginning to come up from underwater.  I'm still overwhelmed by her, housework, laundry, the essentials, but I'm able to look for more and appreciate more.  I can create, too, and I do so daily.


and colors
So I guess this whole blog post is in celebration- take a deep breath of fresh air, and carry on.

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